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In our eyes, Practice Space Seattle exists to connect musicians with resources and each other while identifying and illuminating the current issues effecting Seattle's music community.

Explore our digital directory of local practice spaces based on neighborhoods in the city. List an available space in your home, business, or existing practice space that you would like to rent out.

Connect with Seattle's local businesses to help hone your craft; mom-and-pop music shops,  custom amp manufacturers, recording studios, venue contacts, and more!

Industrial Revelation
Ursula Stuart
DJ Riff Raff



Get in touch with Seattle's finest recording studios and engineers

Seek out labels, digital releases, or vinyl pressings to help bring your record into the world

Visit our comprehensive list of local equipment for repair, purchase, and rental services

Book your next show by contacting a Seattle venue 

Reach out to local radio stations to broadcast your tunes, screen-printing shops to make shirts, and more

Develop relationships within the community and apply for grant opportunities



Practice Space Seattle is created by local musicians, for local musicians. It’s no secret that Seattle cares about music, but changes to our city are making resources like space and support increasingly harder to find. We created this site to make it easier to access what you need as a musician while advocating for the behind-the-scenes needs that keep our city musically strong.

Allison Eltrich

I am a singer/songwriter, arts community activist, and small business owner. I spent 10 years working for philanthropic organizations and currently serve on the board of Artist Trust. I strongly believe that the people that make up Seattle's unique, celebrated, and diverse music community can thrive with the right tools, opportunities, and ability to share resources broadly. I want to introduce Seattle arts supporters to the needs of the musicians that continue our city's legacy of fucking incredible music.



Megan Tweed

Megan Tweed is front-womanfor two bands: Bad Powers (The End Records, Brooklyn) and the The Family Curse (Fainting Room Collective, Seattle). She co-founded and operates Fainting Room Collective; a private society of artistic collaboraters. She owns and operates Fainting Room Records; a record label producing limited-run vinyl, digital, and video releases for underground bands. Megan is also VP, Media at Razorfish Seattle, a globally-leading digital media and experience design agency. 




As Editor-in-Chief, Zach's role is to engage with Seattle musicians and their community to bring awareness of the issues that are influencing them. He currently works at Artist Trust as the Artist Support Program Coordinator, writes for KEXP, plays guitar in Bobby's Oar, plus writes and performs music for his solo project Grayman Geraldson. From his five years in Seattle, he's also worked at Neumos, Caffe Vita, and SSGmusic. Throw a rock lobster in the machine.

Freelance Web Dev/Wizard, audio engineer for The Explorist, and drummer for so many bands you almost need two hands to count them all (Cold SodaDeep Creep, Medicine Bows, Support Group, The Ruffians). Jeff is dedicated to helping enrich the Seattle music community with resources, communication, and accessibility via Practice Space Seattle’s online presence. He also holds an affinity for paella, making mean empanadas, and summer BBQs.    


General Inquiries:

If you operate a practice space, offer equipment repair, provide recording services, and would like to be added to our site or make changes to your existing profile, don't hesitate to contact us. Please note that we are just a listing site, we do not specifically endorse any particular organization or space.