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American Music

4450 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103


(206) 633-1774)

Locally owned and managed since 1973  at the top of Fremont, American Music is a renown institution for all facets of musicianship.  Down to earth expertise and knowledge by musicians  for musicians,  with an emphasis in providing the local music community with high-quality products and services

Guitars, basses, percussion, amplifiers, pro-audio, recording, lighting equipment, effects, and accessories


Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm

Sat: 10am - 6pm 

Sun: Closed

Brown Oscillator Co.


Montlake, Seattle, WA 98112

(206) 465-9248

Brown Oscillator Co. repairs, services, restores, and modifies vacuum tubes, resistor amps, and organs. They also build and design  their own tube amplifiers and other music electronics  

Tube amps, various electronics, offering free pick-up from Cry Baby Studios and Chophouse


Mon - Fri:

9am - 5pm

Condor Electronics


10007 Aurora Ave N

Seattle WA 98133


(206) 633-5190 

Quality repair service for music equipment guitar and bass amps, digital and analog mixers, studio gear and microphones, and factory authorized warranty service

Amplifiers, keyboards, microphones, mixers, DJ gear

Northwest Seattle


High Voltage

620 E Pine St

Seattle, WA


(206) 920-8142

High Voltage lives on from its former location on Pike to its new one in Capitol Hill Loans. Butch and Tannar continue the same great service of guitar/bass/amp repair and excellent selection of music instruments for sale.

Dependable guitar, bass, and amplifier repairs, ample vintage instrument and pedal selection

Capitol Hill

Mon - Sat:

9am - 6pm

Sun:10am - 5 pm

Verellen Amplifiers 


503 N 36th UNIT C

Seattle, WA 98103


(253) 232-4503

Custom made tube amplifiers of all shapes, sizes, and sounds. Ben Verellen has curated his own sound using tried and true point-to-point hand-wiring that delivers classic vintage tones for the modern era, all in sleek designs and with a lifetime warranty.


Guitar and bass amplifiers, powered speakers, speaker cabinets, pedals


Emerald CIty Guitars

83 South Washington St.
Seattle, WA 98104 


(206) 382-0231

Emerald City Guitars has served Seattle with a vast collection of vintage guitars and amps since 1996. With new arrivals coming into the shop daily, there's no shortage to what special instrument you might find.

Vintage guitars, basses, amps, effects, keyboards, microphones

Pioneer Square

Mon - Sat:

10am - 6pm

Seattle Guitar Store


8300 Aurora Ave N. 

Seattle, WA 98103


d(206) 397-4438

Seattle Guitar Store offers competitive prices for both national brands of guitars and custom varieties local to the Pacific Northwest. Boasting a large showroom you can try out most instruments ---electric, acoustic, loud, or quiet,

Guitars, basses, amps, effects pedals, banjos, ukuleles

Green Lake

Mike & MIke's Guitar Bar


82418 NW 80th St
Seattle, WA 98117 


(206) 399-8518

Mike & Mike's specializes almost exclusively in vintage, boutique, and weird guitars and amps. Coined as a vintage gear speakeasy, the shop is essentially a garage stacked to the gills with gear based on fair-trades. Looking for something specific? Mike and Mike can probably find it.

The Trading Musician

5908 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

(206) 522-6707

Warranty backed, The Trading Musician specializes in quality, affordable, new, used, and vintage musical instruments. With an ever-changing inventory, all instruments go through their repair shop to be sold in the best possible condition.

Mon: 3pm-7pm

Tues - Fri:


Sat: 11am-6pm

The Drum Exchange

4501 Interlake Ave N,

Seattle, WA 98103 


(206) 545-3564

Established in 1992, Drum Exchange was started by Ed Hartman specializing in drum-sets and concert percussion. In addition to a sizable used and new collection of instruments, The Drum Exchange also offers lessons and equipment repairs. This mom-and-pop shop has been a cornerstone in Seattle for over 25 years.


Mon -  Sat:

11am - 6pm

Vintage and boutique guitars, basses, amps, effects,,

Crown Hill

Mon -  Tues:

Apt. Only

Wed - Sat:

10:30am - 6:30pm

Vintage guitars, basses, amps, effect pedals, drums, percussion, keyboards, mics, recording gear




New and used drums, percussion, cymbals, offers lessons

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